Proof of Insurance: B&M Tree Service LLC affirms that it carries appropriate liability and workers compensation as required by law. Certificates of insurance are available to customers upon request for a $35.00 office processing fee and 50% deposit for scheduled work.

Tree Ownership: Customer authorizing work ensures that all trees listed are on the customer’s property or that the customer has received full permission from the tree owner to allow B&M Tree Service LLC to perform the work requested. The customer agrees to release B&M Tree Service LLC from responsibility for any damages or costs as a result from any dispute, which may arise.

Safety: All customers agree not to enter the work area during arboricultural operations. B&M Tree Service LLC agrees that arboricultural operations shall follow the latest industry safety standards.

Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is priced to grind just below grade where the grade meets the visible portion of the stump. Surface or sub surface roots are not included unless specified in the proposal. Additional fees will be applied for customers who request deeper stump grinding or a return visit from B&M Tree Service LLC.

Lawn and Landscape Repair: B&M Tree Service LLC will make every attempt to protect your lawn and landscape however minimal disturbances are to be expected by the customer such as minor turf damage. Lawn and landscape repairs are not included in the contractual agreement unless specified. B&M Tree Service LLC is not responsible for damage to underground sprinklers, underground cables, conduits, or drain pipes. Customers are responsible for the removal of all lawn ornaments, landscape lighting, furniture or toys from the work area.

Clean up: B&M Tree Service LLC agrees to remove all wood, brush, or clippings caused by the specified work unless otherwise noted in the proposal.

Payment: Payment is due at the time of the service. NJ state sales tax is to be applied. Customers will pay $40.00 for all returned checks.