Summer is here!

We hope you had an enjoyable Memorial weekend here on the Jersey shore. Now that summer is upon us, many of us will be spending time in our yards focusing on those landscape projects. B&M Tree Service LLC is here to help! We provide tree trimming, removals, and stump grinding services to help improve the aesthetic quality of your landscape.

Selling your home? Pruned and trimmed trees help improve the curb appeal of your property to get buyers in the door. Remove overgrown, low hanging, or dead branches that are unsightly. Remove branches stretching to or over your house. Call us for a free estimate!

Does your property overlook the river, bay or ocean? Do overgrown branches impede your beautiful view? Vista pruning is the removal of selected branches to help improve the view that you love!

Call B&M Tree Service LLC at 732-995-0535 for your free estimate today!

Tree Service, Toms River

B&M Tree Service is located in Toms River New Jersey. We service residential and corporate customers in Ocean County.

We provide tree trimming, tree removals, and stump grinding services. We can also trim landscape bushes and hedges.

Spring is upon us. Now is the time to call to get a free estimate for cleanups, and tree trimming or removal.

B&M Tree Service


B&M Tree Service – LTCO#434

B&M Tree Service is correctly registered with the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts.

Our owner Mark is a Licensed Tree Care Operator #434!


Before hiring a tree company you should ensure that the business is correctly registered with the NJ Board of Tree Experts. Information regarding registration can be found on the board of tree experts website!

B&M Tree Service NJTC768067

B&M Tree Service is registered with the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts!

Our business registration # is NJTC768067.


Prior to hiring a tree company you should ensure that the company is registered with the NJ Board of Tree Experts. Information regarding registration can be found on the NJ Board of Tree Experts website.

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is upon us and summer is winding down. We hope you take some time to enjoy the last week of the summer with family and friends!

Fall is a busy time at B&M Tree Service LLC.

Our Firewood operation is in full swing. Not only are we filling orders and delivering, we are also busy cutting and splitting wood to season for next year!

Tree Service operations are also in full swing as many customers choose the fall for outdoor projects. So we are busy trimming trees, removing trees, and grinding stumps!

In late fall we begin leaf cleanup operations and continue property maintenance and clean-up into the winter.


If you have a tree service need or would like to place an order for firewood call us at


B&M Tree Service LLC

Happy Memorial Day

B&M Tree Service LLC would like to wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

This weekend is the unofficial kick off to the summer season at the Jersey Shore! Please take the time to relax with your friends and family during the holiday weekend!


As the weekend unwinds and you notice that your yard is in need of a clean up, or you have a tree that needs to be removed, stump grinding,  or trimming is needed, call B&M Tree Service LLC for a free estimate!


732- 995- 0535

Storm Damaged Trees- Toms River

Today is the first day of Spring, but Ocean County has been hit by three nor-easter storms this month. If your trees suffered any damage in these storms or during the harsh winter, call B&M Tree Service LLC for a free estimate to repair or remove these trees!

The weather will break shortly, and soon we will be spending a lot of time outdoors in our yards enjoying our beautiful landscapes! But don’t neglect your trees! Proper tree trimming adds to the beautiful appearance of your home and increases the value of your home.

If your trees are in need of trimming or the winter’s storms has caused some broken branches call B&M Tree Service LLC today!


B&M Tree Service LLC


Deadwood Your Trees!!!

Many people will call B&M Tree Service to remove hanging branches from their trees for the safety of the people or property below. But, few people call to address dead branches from the crown of their trees.  There are several reasons to remove dead branches from your trees including aesthetics, tree health, economics, and safety.


Dead branches are unsightly and can detract from an otherwise beautiful landscape. While small dead branches are present in almost all trees, larger more apparent deadwood should be removed for the aesthetic beauty of the tree and your landscape.

It is also healthy for the tree to remove dead or diseased branches. The removal of dead branches improves the overall health of the tree. It allows the tree to heal itself, and reduces the chances of further decay. Dead branch removal also increases the likelihood that harmful insects or pests are removed from the tree.

Pay now or pay later! It is also economically beneficial to remove dead branches from trees. By removing dead branches, you can eliminate defects that cause larger problems, which over time may be more costly to remedy. Thus caring for your trees by removing dead branches can save you money in the long run.

Lastly, it is safest to remove dead branches from trees to protect people and property that may be below!

It is good to periodically evaluate your trees for the long term health and safety of the tree and your property. If you notice significant dead branches call B&M Tree Service LLC to correctly remove the deadwood from your trees!

B&M Tree Service LLC