Happy Labor Day

B & M Tree Service LLC would like to wish you all a Happy Labor Day!

As summer comes to a close, we hope you take this time to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends!

Enjoy this last weekend at the beach, by the pool and at the BBQ!


River Birch Trees

The River Birch is a beautiful tree that is commonly used in landscape design. The River Birch is a deciduous tree that averages 80′ – 100′ in height and has trunk diameters of 20″ – 60″. Typically, one tree will have multiple trunks. A unique characteristic of this tree is that the bark can vary in appearance from a dark gray-brown, to a pinkish brown and scaly. Or, the tree can appear smooth with a creamy pinkish white bark that appears to be peeling off the tree in papery sheets! The leaves of these trees are also distinct; they are typically 1 1/2″ – 3 1/2″ long and 1″ – 2″ wide. The leaves are serrated and 5 to 12 pairs can be observed on one vein.

The River Birch is also referred to as the Black Birch or Water Birch and the Scientific name is Betula Nigra. This tree is native to the Eastern United States and while many species of Birch are cold loving, the River Birch is one of the few heat tolerant Birches.  The native habitat of this tree is wet grounds such as flood plains, swamps, or river beds but it is a favorite in landscape design for the bark features mentioned above.


Here is the River Birch used in a landscape design in Toms River! Beautiful!!!


As you can see from the picture above, if established correctly, the River Birch can be a wonderful addition to your landscape!

If you have River Birch on your property, and are in need of trimming or pruning don’t hesitate to call B & M Tree Service today!


Summer is Heating Up!

Summer is in full swing at the Jersey Shore! It is great to start spending time outside enjoying our back yards and beautiful landscapes!

We hope you are enjoying your time this summer relaxing with your friends and family. Don’t spend too much time on yard work and definitely don’t attempt to do tree work on your own! Leave that to us!


Call B&M Tree Service today for a fair free estimate on your tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding needs!


Stem- Girdling Roots

Stem-Girdling is the term used to describe roots that encircle, confine, and limit the growth of a tree trunk. This problem often originates in a nursery container when roots grow to the container wall and then turn back and continue to grow in a circular pattern. If not corrected at planting, these roots will remain once the tree is in the landscape.  Stem-girdling roots can cause excessive soil in the root-collar. Sometimes this is observed in a landscape when soil or mulch causes mounding of the turf at the base of the tree.

Stem-girdling roots can cause weakness in trees such as, shorter branch growth, small leaves, early autumn color, die back in the trees canopy, and the tree can be prone to damage in wind.

Here is an example of a stem-girdling root in a Maple Tree.

          stem-girdling root in a maple tree

In many cases stem-gidling roots are evident in township trees, or trees that have been planted by contractors in new development, between a sidewalk and street curb. You will typically be able to see the rapping or circling root where the tree trunk meets the ground. At times you will notice lifted slabs of sidewalk concrete adjacent to the tree which can be a trip hazard.

If you observe a tree on your property with stem-girdling roots, you should monitor the tree for some of the problems listed above. Stem-girdling roots will not cause a rapid decline in a tree. In fact the condition is, at times,  observed in mature trees. Removing dead branches from a tree with stem-gidling roots is advantageous and will promote new growth, improving the overall health of the tree. Of course, if you choose to remove the tree, Stump Grinding can be completed to remove the stump and stem-girdling roots.

As always you can call B&M Tree Service LLC for an evaluation, and free estimate for your tree!

Happy Fathers Day

Summer is underway here at the Jersey Shore!

Fathers Day is upon us!

The best way to treat dad this year would be to get some of his yard work completed by B&M Tree Service LLC! We can help with property clean ups, bed clean outs, bush trimming and shaping, as well as the many tree services we provide such as tree removal, trimming, and stump grinding. Get us out to take care of some of this work so dad can sit back and relax or spend more time with his family!

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Northern Red Oak

The Northern Red Oak is the official tree of the State of New Jersey!

Quercus Rubra, or Northern Red Oak is commonly referred to as a Red Oak. The tree is named for the reddish color observed in the wood. The fall foliage can also be red, however yellows and orange can also be observed. Red Oak trees provide shelter for many different types of wildlife, and the seedlings, leaves, and acorns are also an important source of food for many animals.

The Red Oak prefers slightly acidic soil. It is a fast growing tree, and typically can grow to be approximately 90′ tall and 3′ in diameter! The bark of the tree is dark reddish grey brown with broad rounded or scaly ridges. The winter buds are also a dark reddish brown, while the leaves are alternating 7/9 lobes, oblong and any where from 5″-10″ long.

Red Oak trees are a source of hardwood lumber because the grain of the wood is strong and durable. Red Oak is typically used in furniture or flooring. The strong, tight course grain also makes the species an excellent source of firewood!

Unfortunately, many Red Oak’s in our area have become infected with Oak Gall, which is caused by a tiny non-stinging wasp. Gall is not aesthetically pleasing on a tree, and it will cause  many branches to die, and the ultimate death of the tree. (Check out our August 10, 2014 blog to see a picture of oak gall.) It is of course, advantageous to remove branches affected by gall for the overall health of the tree, safety, and the overall beauty of the tree.



B&M Tree Service Celebrates Earth Day and Arbor Day

April is an important month for B&M Tree Service LLC. This time of year the weather breaks and Spring has arrived. Many people are now outside looking at their landscapes which includes their trees. Business picks up for us, as many smart homeowners elect to start tree trimming or tree removal projects. For these reasons, it is appropriate that Earth Day is celebrated on Saturday April 22nd, and Arbor Day is celebrated on Friday April 28th!

Trees are an important part of our landscapes for many reasons. Trees are beautiful, and can improve our property values, provide shade, and complete a beautiful landscape design. Trees help our environment also. Fallen tree leaves can reduce soil temperature and soil moisture loss. Trees create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, or carbon monoxide from the air, and release oxygen.

If you are in need of tree care, don’t hesitate to call B&M Tree Service LLC! A complete list of the services we provide can be found on this web-site!


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