Deadwood Your Trees!!!

Many people will call B&M Tree Service to remove hanging branches from their trees for the safety of the people or property below. But, few people call to address dead branches from the crown of their trees.  There are several reasons to remove dead branches from your trees including aesthetics, tree health, economics, and safety.


Dead branches are unsightly and can detract from an otherwise beautiful landscape. While small dead branches are present in almost all trees, larger more apparent deadwood should be removed for the aesthetic beauty of the tree and your landscape.

It is also healthy for the tree to remove dead or diseased branches. The removal of dead branches improves the overall health of the tree. It allows the tree to heal itself, and reduces the chances of further decay. Dead branch removal also increases the likelihood that harmful insects or pests are removed from the tree.

Pay now or pay later! It is also economically beneficial to remove dead branches from trees. By removing dead branches, you can eliminate defects that cause larger problems, which over time may be more costly to remedy. Thus caring for your trees by removing dead branches can save you money in the long run.

Lastly, it is safest to remove dead branches from trees to protect people and property that may be below!

It is good to periodically evaluate your trees for the long term health and safety of the tree and your property. If you notice significant dead branches call B&M Tree Service LLC to correctly remove the deadwood from your trees!

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Tree Trimming and Removals, Now!

If you are planning any landscape projects this year that require tree removal or tree trimming you can get a head start now.

B&M Tree Service LLC can provide you with a free estimate and complete your tree service project before the Spring! This will allow you to have more flexibility when other contractors are ready to begin or allow you to spend more time enjoying the end result of your project!

Hit the ground running when the weather breaks and be ahead of your project by getting B&M Tree Service out to your house now!


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Small Business Saturday

B&M Tree Service LLC would like to thank all of our loyal customers for returning to us time and again! We enjoy the relationships we built with you over the years and look forward to continuing to do business with you!

This winter will be busy at B&M Tree Service as we continue tree service operations. As long as the weather is not too harsh we are available for tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding services or a leaf  removal and property cleanup before your big holiday party!

Additionally we are still splitting firewood to season for next years sales!

We hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving, and enjoy the holiday season that is upon us!

Thank you again for your loyalty!

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Happy Labor Day

B & M Tree Service LLC would like to wish you all a Happy Labor Day!

As summer comes to a close, we hope you take this time to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends!

Enjoy this last weekend at the beach, by the pool and at the BBQ!


River Birch Trees

The River Birch is a beautiful tree that is commonly used in landscape design. The River Birch is a deciduous tree that averages 80′ – 100′ in height and has trunk diameters of 20″ – 60″. Typically, one tree will have multiple trunks. A unique characteristic of this tree is that the bark can vary in appearance from a dark gray-brown, to a pinkish brown and scaly. Or, the tree can appear smooth with a creamy pinkish white bark that appears to be peeling off the tree in papery sheets! The leaves of these trees are also distinct; they are typically 1 1/2″ – 3 1/2″ long and 1″ – 2″ wide. The leaves are serrated and 5 to 12 pairs can be observed on one vein.

The River Birch is also referred to as the Black Birch or Water Birch and the Scientific name is Betula Nigra. This tree is native to the Eastern United States and while many species of Birch are cold loving, the River Birch is one of the few heat tolerant Birches.  The native habitat of this tree is wet grounds such as flood plains, swamps, or river beds but it is a favorite in landscape design for the bark features mentioned above.


Here is the River Birch used in a landscape design in Toms River! Beautiful!!!


As you can see from the picture above, if established correctly, the River Birch can be a wonderful addition to your landscape!

If you have River Birch on your property, and are in need of trimming or pruning don’t hesitate to call B & M Tree Service today!


Summer is Heating Up!

Summer is in full swing at the Jersey Shore! It is great to start spending time outside enjoying our back yards and beautiful landscapes!

We hope you are enjoying your time this summer relaxing with your friends and family. Don’t spend too much time on yard work and definitely don’t attempt to do tree work on your own! Leave that to us!


Call B&M Tree Service today for a fair free estimate on your tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding needs!