Deadwood Your Trees!!!

Many people will call B&M Tree Service to remove hanging branches from their trees for the safety of the people or property below. But, few people call to address dead branches from the crown of their trees.  There are several reasons to remove dead branches from your trees including aesthetics, tree health, economics, and safety.


Dead branches are unsightly and can detract from an otherwise beautiful landscape. While small dead branches are present in almost all trees, larger more apparent deadwood should be removed for the aesthetic beauty of the tree and your landscape.

It is also healthy for the tree to remove dead or diseased branches. The removal of dead branches improves the overall health of the tree. It allows the tree to heal itself, and reduces the chances of further decay. Dead branch removal also increases the likelihood that harmful insects or pests are removed from the tree.

Pay now or pay later! It is also economically beneficial to remove dead branches from trees. By removing dead branches, you can eliminate defects that cause larger problems, which over time may be more costly to remedy. Thus caring for your trees by removing dead branches can save you money in the long run.

Lastly, it is safest to remove dead branches from trees to protect people and property that may be below!

It is good to periodically evaluate your trees for the long term health and safety of the tree and your property. If you notice significant dead branches call B&M Tree Service LLC to correctly remove the deadwood from your trees!

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