Spring Is Here!

Spring is here! The weather is improving and soon we will be outside daily enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and our beautiful landscapes!

B&M Tree Service is here to help you maintain the beauty of your property! Call us for a free estimate on tree removal, trimming, bush removal, bush shaping, bush trimming, stump grinding, leaf cleanup, bed cleanup or free wood chip delivery!

B&M Tree Service LLC

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Tree trimming and pruning- B&M Tree Service LLC

Tree trimming and pruning can be done during any time of the year. Typically it is best to trim a tree when it is dormant, during the winter months to ensure healthy growth in the spring, however you can trim and prune trees at any time. Removing dead and dying branches from trees also improves the overall health of the tree allowing the tree to continue to grow as healthy as possible.


If you are interested in having your trees trimmed and pruned, do not hesitate to call B&M Tree Service LLC for a free estimate!