Arbor Day- 2016

Arbor Day is Friday April 29, 2016! Arbor Day is a holiday that encourages people to both plant and care for their trees!

The correct pruning can enhance the health and life of your trees. Tree Cleaning is the removal of dead, diseased or broken branches. Not only is this beneficial to the health of your tree, it improves the aesthetic quality of your landscape!

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Tree Raising or Reduction

From time to time we have blogged about some common terminology in the tree service industry. Here are the definitions of two more common services offered by B&M Tree Service LLC!

Raise- the removal of lower branches of the tree.

Tree raising is performed for many different reasons. Many homeowners will raise their trees to allow for passage underneath a tree such as near a sidewalk, patio or driveway. Others will raise a tree to allow free passage while mowing the lawn! Others will raise a tree to improve a view! Raising a tree can push growth further up the crown to the top of a tree. Raising a tree is also referred to as elevating the tree.

Reduce- the removal of specific branches to decrease the height or spread of the tree.

Tree reduction is also used for many different reasons. Tree reduction can also improve a view, or it can be used to allow for more sunlight to reach a homeowners lawn! In many cases tree reduction can force growth to lower parts of the tree. Tree reduction is commonly referred to as topping the tree.

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