Firewood- B&M Tree Service- Toms River

The heat of firewood is measured in British Thermal Units or BTU’s.

While different resources site different measurements, we have listed the following in an effort to assist you in choosing the wood that is right for you.

B&M Tree Service sells the following sorted wood:

Oak burns at a high level of heat, and emits lower level of smoke, and sparks. An average BTU for a cord of oak is 22.5.

Cherry burns at medium level of heat, but is an excellent choice if aroma is important to you. An average BTU for a cord of Cherry is 20.5.

Locust burns at a hight level of heat. An average BTU for a cord of Locust is 25.5.

We also sell mixed cords of wood which include a mixture of all of the above, and other hardwoods indigenous to Ocean and Monmouth County.

Please visit the Firewood page of this website for pricing, delivery details, and our pre-season specials!