Happy Labor Day- B&M Tree Service

Happy Labor Day from B&M Tree Service!


We would like to wish all of our loyal customers and employees a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! We hope you had a wonderful summer, and we look forward to working with you this fall!

B&M Tree Service

It’s a girl!

Congratulations to our employee Chris D and his wife Mary on the birth of their daughter, Onalesce Elizabeth!

We wish you all the best, in a happy and healthy future!

B & M Tree Service

Pre-Season Firewood Specials are here!

B & M Tree Service is excited to announce our pre-season firewood special! We are not wishing the summer away, but are pleased to provide discounts for early bird firewood customers!

This year we are offering discounts on full cords of Oak and Mixed Hardwoods ordered by October 15th!

Listed prices include the delivery!

Check out the firewood page of our website for details!

Oak Gall

This is a picture of gouty oak gall in a Pin Oak. Gall is an abnormal growth or swelling of plant tissue on leaves branches or twigs. This particular gall has been caused by a tiny non stinging wasp. Gall is not aesthetically pleasing on a tree and severe cases can ultimately cause the decline of the tree. If your trees are affected with gall do not hesitate to call us for a free estimate.

Oak Gall- B&M Tree Service

Bradley Beach Tree Removal

Check out this technical oak tree removal in Bradley Beach. This oak tree sat in between two beautiful homes and over a vinyl fence. The removal was completed flawlessly! Thank you to our customers in Bradley Beach!
Bradley Beach Tree Removal